Review: Dear Reader and Fanfarlo at 229

Ticketweb said the doors were at 7.30. Ticketweb lied! I got there at 7.40 and had to wait outside for 20 minutes. London has gotten really cold again, which is a shame, I was enjoying the milder weather.

This was my first visit to 229, it’s quite a nice little venue. The lights can be a bit epilepsy-inducing, but since I don’t have epilepsy it’s not a problem for me. There was another sighting of Creepy Spanish Guy, doing his usual creepy sleuthing around and staring. No sign of The Rock, though. Probably because Fanfarlo don’t have a lady lead singer.

The first band had a bland name like Steve and Bill, or Martin and John, or Tom and Joe, or something. They were from Glasgow and were a real snorefest. They weren’t bad, and I’m sure they are both lovely, but the music was so middle of the road. Two acoustic guitars and some over the top vocals. It didn’t help that I had a super sore throat, so my patience was reduced to about a quarter of my usual level of tolerance. All I could think of was ‘oww, I wish I was seeing Wildbirds & Peacedrums right now’ and ‘owww, why won’t Whispertown just announce some tour dates!?’.

So when they were over it was time for Dear Reader, a three piece all the way from South Africa. They did some looping and had some really lovely songs that makes me feel that I really need to listen to their album. Singer Cherilyn MacNeil has a great voice too. Unfortunately, there was a ridiculous amount of chatter throughout their set. I really dislike these people who go to shows and are so rude, if you want to talk-go outside. This is why I love the Luminaire, it’s their policy. They have a sign that says ‘We’re a live music venue, not a pub. If you want to talk to your pals when the bands are on, you are in the wrong place’. Indeed. Cherilyn told us a weird anecdote about how it’s really hard to find polar bears in the arctic. Firstly, they are white and therefore camouflage. Secondly, they are so fat that they cannot be picked up by infra red. From this she formulated a theory about how if you need to hide, you should go find a polar bear. Adam noted there are several flaws in this plan. Surely, the best way to hide would just be to get so fat that you yourself are no longer able to be picked up by infra red, then go lie down in a blanket or something and be camouflage. Anyway…. Dear Reader were great and I’d like to see them again.

Next up it was Fanfarlo. They had lots going on and the singer had a cute bow tie. We only stayed for the first 4 songs before we left. I was feeling too tired and my throat was killing me. From the four songs I witnessed, Fanfarlo are great. I’d like to catch them again sometime.

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