Review: Howling Bells at Fopp

Howling Bells are very enjoyable live. They make me want to listen to their new album. I got there early to ensure a spot at the front. I actually MET The Rock (old man London rock, not Hollywood guy Rock). I shook his hand and all. I also saw Creepy Spanish Guy there, but I didn’t meet him. Boo to that. 

We got in at the front, which is lucky because if you were at the back you would see nothing. Juanita even asked if they could see and they replied “no” and she said sorry and suggested they could switch with the people at the front after a few songs, which was obviously not approved of by the people at the front and so never happened. They played new songs from their newest record . For the final song Juanita biblically split the crowd and came and sang in the middle, as far as her mic lead would let her. I do enjoy Howling Bells live and next time they’re here I will probably pay to see them. Juanita has a great voice and has so much gusto and stage presence. Nice, intimate show, shame it was so brief.

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  1. fulltext March 3, 2009 at 2:25 am #

    Is that your photo? Love the out of focus background. She is so sharp in front of it!

    Well done and hope you enjoy the album. It is brilliant.

  2. anikainlondon March 3, 2009 at 8:54 am #

    Yep :) They’re always my gig review photos, unless otherwise noted.

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