Review: It’s A Musical at Dublin Castle

Somewhat disappointingly, Dublin Castle is neither in Dublin or a castle. It is, however, a pretty nice music venue/pub in Camden.

I did intend to catch Berlin popsters It’s A Musical at lunch at Pure Groove, but I was busy and couldn’t make it. Conveniently I was in the area and was able to catch their 30 minute set in Camden this evening. Even more conveniently, they were the first band on. I listened to the other bands that were playing that night on Myspace and was not interested in any of them, so I made a quick getaway after It’s A Musical.

The band play pop music with trumpets, bouncy bass and boy/girl vocals. It’s a recipe for success, really. They have some marching band-esque drums and pretty glock. Both keyboardist Ella Blixt and drummer Robert Kretzschmar have sweet voices and I really enjoyed their set, I would have liked to have seen them play for longer. 

If I had some money I’d have liked to have bought some stuff from them, but alas, funds are low. Head to their Myspace. I especially recommend listening to The Music Makes Me Sick. It’s catchy; a very enjoyable slice of the upbeat European pop pie. Yum.

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