Review: Minnie Birch at the Bull and Gate

I am one of the worst people with mobile phones. I have one but I frequently forget I do, and then I look at it and there are missed calls and texts from hours ago. Whoops. So while I was at Chew Lips I remembered I have a phone and looked at it and noticed a text asking if I could go take some photos for AAT at The Bull and Gate.

So after Chew Lips and a little stop over in halls I headed up to Kentish Town in search of Bull and Gate. It’s a medium/small venue on the side of a pub. I had never been there before. I’m slowly (well, quite quickly actually) working my way around every London music venue. There are a few big ones I haven’t been to and a few small ones too. I like The Bull and Gate, the light was good and it was easy to get to.

I got there at 9, the first act was James Berryman. He was ok, he had a good voice but his songs didn’t interest me lyrically. After a quick 5 minute change over it was Minnie Birch. I hadn’t heard them before. The duo seemed a little nervous but were still cheerful and seemed happy to be playing. The lead singer did lots of sweet babbling about some badges that they made. They both had lovely voices, I enjoyed their short set. They closed with a cover of that song by The Streets, the ‘dry your eyes mate’ one. I don’t like that song to begin with, it would probably take Emily Haines singing it to some beautiful piano to make me like it, but their version was pleasant.

3 more photos on Flickr, taken for Arts And Things magazine. You should check out the AAT site, lots of sweet features and arty things.

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