Review: Patrick Wolf at Heaven under the Arches

I just ate a sandwich, and you know what they say about eating before you go to bed… you shouldn’t do it or else you’ll have psycho dreams. So, while I wait for my food to digest, I will blog.

I got to the venue at half past six. There was already a pretty big queue of eager, young, Patrick Wolf fans. They let us in and we went and got a spot a few rows back from the front. Many music related topics were discussed, but it wasn’t long before the first act, Craig Template, took to the stage.

Craig Template was bizarre. At times he sounded like a raptor with a tumor on it’s voice box, trying to sing as femininely as possible, but ultimately sounding nasal and screechy. The lyrics were the most inane I have heard in a long while, the music was dire… it sounded like bad, bad club music. It was so bad it was actually kind of hilarious. The hilarity lasted for about 5 minutes, then my ear drums decided to cave in and I began to wonder why I was subjecting them to this. I feel so mean now. They were light hearted and I’m sure the band members are all lovely, just completely not for me, at all, ever. 

So, next up it was the much buzzed about Micachu. I was pretty keen to see her play just so I could see what all the fuss was about. Her songs were very clangetty and clacketty and there were some good bottle/cowbell parts, but I wasn’t left with any lasting impression.

After a rather long change around, Patrick Wolf took to the stage and was met with shrieks and screams from his loyal herd of fangirls and boys. There were an awful lot of them, covering their mouths with joy, bouncing around all giddy and screaming ‘Patrick, you’re beautiful!!!’. Patrick gracefully accepted the screams and was very playful and endearing on stage. He came on wearing a cape and some hair extensions. He threw his hair into the crowd which probably induced some sort of death match between whoever caught each end. He did alot of new songs from Battle as well as some oldies like Tristan. I’m more of a casual Wolf fan, so for me the most enjoyable song was The Magic Position. It’s so overwhelmingly happy and poppy, it was alot of fun and drew a huge sing a long from the crowd. Patrick was very charming and kept saying how happy he was to be ‘back’. It was a good (if not a little strange) show and I am excited to hear the album.

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  1. orangemi February 2, 2010 at 11:24 pm #

    i adore him! so talented ! my favourite songs are Augustine & Souvenirs now. it’s so lyrical, pretty.. i like magic positions too! very positive and bright ! i envy u coz u can to visit his shows. i hope once i visit one too )

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