Review: Peter Bjorn and John at Pure Groove

Not much to say about this instore really. I went along because it was free and I had heard of the band before. I’m still feeling a bit ill and tired, but it’s better to be ill and tired whilst watching a Swedish band play some catchy pop music than to be ill and tired in a lecture. 

If you haven’t heard of Peter Bjorn and John before, you will atleast have heard their song Young Folks. There was no escaping that song over here. I don’t actually like that song but enjoyed the new songs they played today. Pure Groove were having trouble getting the mics to work, but the band stayed in good humor and laughed and joked around. They were very endearing on stage, they all seemed to be having alot of fun. They played a few of the newer songs as practice for their Scala gig tonight. It was good and worth the walk over there.

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