Review: Tally Ho! at Finchley Arts Depot

From one arty space down in South London, to another up in North London. They couldn’t have been much more different. We got the bus (!!!!) to Elephant and Castle then rode the Northern Line all the way up to Woodside Park. Luckily Brooke was on hand to navigate us there, which saved my brainz some ache. The venue is basically the same as the ICA but taller. Whereas Yes Way was all cold and bare, Tally Ho! was warm and cosy.

They had staff giving out the festival running order as you came up the escalator, it was much better organized than Yes Way where I didn’t know what bands I was watching most of the time. First we caught some of Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo in the foyer. It was so lovely to my ears! It was warm and the floor was clean which meant you could sit on it (I wouldn’t sit on the floor at Yes Way) and it was all light and bright. The band had cello, violin and accordion, and Emily played guitar and did some harmonica. It was most enjoyable.

Then we moved into the Studio, which was like a cinema. Ghost Bees were starting, but most people were still in the foyer watching Emily Barker. I love Ghost Bees! They’re really fantastic live. Their voices are just so wonderful and they have some really lovely songs. I love their lyrics and the way their songs tell stories. They played a very short set, probably only about 20 minutes. They were on a tight schedule and were started off a bit late. They told us that they had had their rental van broken into earlier in the day. They seemed not quite as excited as when I saw them at The Slaughtered Lamb. They briefly mentioned their crystals that they had for sale and gave more thanks to their friend who made all the art for their set. Their record, Tasseomancy, is great and I would recommend giving it a listen.

We stayed put and Brooke talked to Creepy Spanish Guy in the change over. He becomes less mysterious by the day. Then it was Reigns. They weren’t really my thing but it was comfy on those seats, so I’m not complaining. We went to the main room, which was called Pentland, next. We caught Elf Power, they were OK. Then back to the Studio to see Denis Jones. He was really cool. He did lots of looping and clever stuff and there were some tiny cameras all over the place filming him from different angles projecting giant images on the screens behind and beside him. Back upstairs to Pentland where we caught The Miserable Rich. The singer was pretty cheery and they had the strings from The Leisure Society/Sons of Noel and Adrian/probably about a million other bands, and sounded good. Next we headed out and milled around and found Romy from Ghost Bees. We had a chat for a while. She told us about the whole break in and how that kind of sucked, she also mentioned how they were supposed to be playing a show at Union Chapel. I urged her to make sure that happens, because I can only imagine how epic that would sound in there. She said they hope to be back soon and they plan to keep mixing art and music and hope for some big plans. I hope they do come back soon and I can’t wait to see them play again.

We didn’t watch Spokes and instead decided to wait around just so we could see what Vic Chesnutt looked like, after we had a guessing game and tried to figure it out from his name. At first I figured short and bald with glasses and Brooke thought tall with a beard and check shirt and red hair. We were both epically wrong. We stayed for half of the first song and half of the next song then opted out. 

Tally Ho! was rather nice and if they get a good line up I would be most pleased to go again next time. Ghost Bees are the best, listen to them.

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