Review: The Acorn at the Brixton Windmill

I quite like the Brixton Windmill. The only downside is their shows tend to end late, which isn’t all that great considering they’re quite a long way outside the centre of town, which can make it a bit of a tight squeeze getting back. Besides that, it’s a really cosy intimate place to watch a band play.

The first act was called Arthur Delaney. I quite enjoyed him, his songs were all quite up tempo and he had a good voice. He opened up the show nicely, and then it was time for Babel.

I haven’t really listened to Babel much. I saw them 4 months ago and it was surprising how many of their songs I recognized from last time. The band are a 5 piece from Bristol. The last song is where they really shined. Clapping along was fun, everyone likes to clap! The singer took off his guitar, gave it to Bobbles and then went into the middle of the crowd and started singing and dancing with his arm around an audience member. It was brilliant and very enjoyable.

The Acorn are from Ottawa , Canada. Hooray for Canada! I was thinking they should do some sort of Canada-fest tour over here, with 5 or so great Canadian bands. That would be so brilliant. The band have recently been playing some huge shows across the UK supporting Elbow, and this was their first little show in a while. Despite this, singer Rolf said he was more nervous about this show than the big ones. The audience were pretty rowdy and in high spirits, as were the band. Rolf was quite happy to chat between songs and laugh with the band, there was a lovely atmosphere. I have to say  I enjoy the band alot more live than on record. There were some great drum parts and the vocals were perfect. They were alot of fun and I would be more than happy to see them again sometime.

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