Review: The Leisure Society at The Luminaire

I think my perceptions of what constitutes as a ‘busy week’ have become warped. I went to 3 shows and 2 instores this week but I still consider it to be a very quiet week. So, I have this rule that if I have an exam I have to go to a show in the evening. I had an accounting exam on Thursday and luckily The Leisure Society were on hand playing at The Luminaire.

The Luminaire is a lovely venue. It was a sold out show and there were signs up telling people not to sit on the floor. At 8.15 it was Caroline Weeks. She said she was nervous but that didn’t hinder her at all. She sung poems by Edna St Vincent-Millay over finger picked guitar. She had a lovely voice and it was a nice set. After a 15 minute change over it was time for Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards. Dan had a really fantastic, deep voice. The songs were folky and the band sounded great. I enjoyed their set and the crowd seemed to, too.

The room had filled by now and there was a real buzz. The crowd were really into the band and there was lots of cheering and people yelling out random things. They opened with Love’s Enormous Wings. I really enjoy that song alot, it’s very beautiful. ‘Beautiful’ is the best word to describe the Leisure Society. There’s a real elegance to their songs, the strings and Helen’s flute are a particularly lovely element to the band’s sound. Nick has a fantastic voice and he looked very sophisticated sitting upright in a suit on a high chair. Eventually he stood up, noting ‘you know the party’s started when I stand up’. There was lots of amusing banter between Nick and Christian, mostly involving Christian undermining Nick in any way possible. They played a fairly long set including a cover of Cars by Gary Numan, which actually worked very well. For the last song the band were joined by some of the Willkommen Collective  on ukuleles, which brought the total up to 12 people on the stage. They left and did and then returned for a two song encore and thanked everyone for coming. It was a lovely show and I look forward to seeing them again.

More photos on my Flickr, and I drew a comic about it which is up on The Line Of Best Fit. Get tickets for the Scala show with Loney Dear!

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