Review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums Bandstand Busking

Maybe I am just quite an excitable person, but I do seem to spend alot of time in a state of excitement. On Friday I was at work when I discovered W&P would be bandstand busking. This provoked quite alot of excitement. Then today I was listening to The Snake and getting excited. Then I went along to Arnold Circus bandstand today. We saw the band setting up. I got excited. I am excited to see them tomorrow. Exciting, exciting, exciting. When I see them tomorrow I should thank them for making everything so exciting.

Ok, I will try and go for the next paragraph without using the words ‘excited’ or ‘exciting’. If you haven’t listened to Wildbirds & Peacedrums before, I urge you to listen right now. They’re an absolutely brilliant Swedish husband/wife duo. Mariam has a marvelous, amazing voice (I am struggling to articulate how brilliant I think this band are) and Andreas handles the rhythm on the drums. Today they placed Places, There Is No Light and finally My Heart. I was hoping they would play Chain Of Steel, so I hope they do that tomorrow. It’s been stuck in my head for several weeks now. I really wanted to hear My Heart too, so when Thomas asked what the next song would be and Mariam replied ‘My Heart’ I did a fist pump and said YESSSSSS!. I forgot I was in public, whoops. But it was worth it because the performance was stunning. They had a steel drum (!). I love this band and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Listen to them here and be excited for the videos when they go up on Bandstand Busking.

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