Review: Yes Way day 2 at Auto Italia

Before I even start reviewing this I can tell I’m going to veer off and not actually do much reviewing of the actual gig itself. Nevermind. Today was day two of the Yes Way festival put on by the Upset The Rhythm folks.

I got down there and it was much the same as yesterday. The place wasn’t all that busy. I caught 4 ┬ábands but I’m not entirely sure who they all were. In the Way room I saw a band called Peepholes. I thought they were alot of fun. The mic stand was going psycho and swinging all over the place so a girl from the audience went and held it for her. The kickdrum was also going psycho so that had to be held too. It’s not the type of thing I would normally listen to but it was still a really fun set. The other bands I saw were all very yelpy and loud. Why do I always stand near the speakers? What an idiot I am.

I left just after 5 so I could get back at a reasonable time. I did plan on going up Kings Cross was and catching Liz Green and some other folkies, but I’m quite tired so I decided to give it a miss. I actually got the bus again (!!!). I discovered the bus went all the way to Old Street so I just sat on there as oppose to getting the tube. It took a while but I got to listen to Bishop Allen. How pleasant.


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