Review: Yes Way Saturday at Auto Italia

I got invited to go to Yes Way. It’s not really my type of thing musically but I thought it would be pretty cool anyway. It’s a two day festival held in a big former car show room down in Peckham. It was a bit of a trek to get there. It involved going through Elephant Castle and then walking down Old Kent Road. Peckham has a pretty bad reputation but it really wasn’t that bad. Old Kent Road is my favourite place to buy in Monopoly. It’s brown and very unassuming, but POW! I build up a hotel there and I have myself a little deathtrap right by Go.

After a tube ride and a half an hour walk I got there just after 1. The place was pretty empty and the show didn’t start until 2.30. They had two big rooms, one was the Yes room and the other was Way. I preferred Way to take photos in, but Yes was nice too. It had a couple of caravans in and some food stalls. I was expecting there to be more art, because there practically wasn’t any. We stayed until half four and caught 5 bands.

After letting our ears be filled with fuzzy music for 3 hours Brooke and I decided to travel to the other side of London to go see Ghost Bees… which I’ll review next.


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