Shows you should come to this fortnight

I’m doing a giant drawing. It’s A1 size and is called ‘Everyone Is On Crutches But Me’. I’m half way done. I am excited to finish it but my arm and hand are aching, so I am taking a break from drawing and blogging instead.

It’s still quite a quiet couple of weeks, but the quality is pretty amazing so that makes up for it I suppose.

Today, I did plan on seeing William Elliott Whitmore at Rough Trade but that got cancelled, and the show with Alela Diane is sold out. Boo. Looks like a night in tonight. Tomorrow is Broken Records at Water Rats, Adam says they’re good so I am intrigued.

Thursday is a great day because Alessi is playing at The Troubadour. It’s at at a thing called Oxjam and is for charity, she’s amazing live and everyone should come. Friday is Dent May, where we shall have a dance party. Sunday is Slow Club and Theoretical Girl at Northampton Square bandstand. On Monday I’m thinking of going to see¬†Cortney Tidwell¬†at The Slaughtered Lamb. Tuesday is basically the best day EVER EVER EVER because I get a double dose of Wildbirds & Peacedrums. I am ridiculously excited. An early birthday present. Then on Wednesday it’s Handsome Furs, then Thursday I think I am popping home for my birthday. Woop. I will be 19.. my youth is fading! I will be OLD. My hand hurts less now, so I’m going to get back to drawing… you should come to these shows though.


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