Sky Larkin at Rough Trade West

Yes, West, not East: West. For Record Store Day 2009, April 18th. This has blown my perception of how I will spend Record Store Day. Originally, in my mind, it was Rough Trade vs Pure Groove. Now it’s East vs West vs Pure Groove. I was leaning to Rough Trade East anyway and hoping that they pull out the best line up.

I’ve never been to Rough Trade West so maybe it’s time I meander over that side of London. I am, of course, biased to the East side, partly because I like it and partly because I’m lazy and it’s closer. I like Pure Groove but Rough Trade East is more of a record shop, which is why I was most hoping to spend my day there. I guess I’ll have to wait until all the line ups are announced and then I can either go with the overall best day or divide my time up and try and catch all the good bands. So far, Rough Trade East has Bombay Bicycle Club, Ebony Bones and Dutch Uncles. West has Sky Larkin. Pure Groove haven’t announced anything. Consequently, West is currently winning. I am pretty excited about this. Yip!

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