Story time

I’m a fairly creative person, I like to do creative things. I used to write stories alot but I haven’t written one in a while, and I’ve never written a long story either. My idea for my story is basically to make it as constantly epic as possible. Before I write the story I’m going to make a giant list of everything that makes a story good and everything that should feature in the story (ie. dragons, castles, butterflies, airplanes, a desert island, space, a meteor crashing to earth… stuff like that).  If you  would like to tell me something to include in my story, please do. Alternatively, you can be a character in my story. Email me your ideas or leave a comment. I have a hardback book that has probably over 100 pages that I was going to use for university, but seeing as I’m such a fail at uni I may as well use the book for something fun.


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