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It pained my heart that I couldn’t be at SXSW this year. It pains my heart that I probably won’t be able to go for a good few years. Ouch ouch ouch.

Thanks to the wonders of the interwebz we can watch some youtubes of some of the interesting happenings in Texas. I took a scroll through youtube and here are some videos of interest:

Billboard Interview with St Vincent here For some reason I always think Annie will have an English accent, so every time I hear her real accent it confuses me. I like the way she says ‘whimsical’ and ‘delightful’ and her mad hand gestures to go along with these words.

Alessi playing The Dog here wow, Alessi in Texas. I can’t wait for the Troubadour show next week.

Cusive playing Dorothy At Forty here I love that song. Look at that lovely daylight. Some tasty shots would have been taken, I’m sure. Tim has a beard and does some mid-song wailing. Best Cursive song, Art Is Hard, here.

The Avett Brothers playing Shame here Lots of bouncing and banjo, but no beards! WHY!? Atleast one member of the Avett Brothers should have a beard at any given time.

Bishop Allen playing Click Click Click Click here  I love Bishop Allen and this camera-centric song.

I feel most disappointed that nobody has taken it upon themselves to film Whispertown, Wildbirds & Peacedrums or Sharon Van Etten. How unsatisfactory. I will have a look for more good videos some other time.

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