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Sorry for the lack of interesting posts lately, March has been a dull month with the exception of the best show EVER: Wildbirds & Peacedrums at the Social. There have been a few other good gigs like Alessi’s Ark but, other than that, nothing crazily exciting. Next month should be better- St Vincent, Alessi, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and of course, Scary Mansion in Paris. Also, this has been the first month in the past 4 that I have not been able to witness Emmy The Great play. I think the criteria for a good month most certainly involves some sort of Emmy instore/busk/show.¬†

I am trying to think up some giant epic list to post and then I can get started with that. I’m going to see Ghost Bees tonight, I am excited. I have an exam tomorrow, so I will try not to blog until after the exam, and then I will set about on some sort of blogathon until I go see The Leisure Society up at The Luminaire.

Here is a nice HD video of Emmy for you to enjoy, filmed by photographer extraordinaire Andrew Kendall:

[vimeo 3550119]


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