Video: Stars- Calendar Girl

Sometimes when I say the word ‘goodnight’ it reminds me of Amy singing ‘goodnight, sleep light, stranger’ from Celebration Guns. That is my favourite track from Set Yourself On Fire. The violins, oh the violins. Beautiful. I always feel that Celebration Guns should have been the last track on the album, it has that kind of feel about it. I really adore that song. Anyway, tonight I was reminded of that song and I suddenly got the urge to watch the DVD that came with In Our Bedroom After The War. I don’t have it here with me though, so I can’t watch it. I tried looking for a Youtube of Celebration Guns but for some reason it just turns up with Calendar Girl, my second favourite Stars song. Amy (and even Torq in this one!) has a soothing voice and there are some nice background strings too. It’s actually quite epic. I know some people find Stars to be a bit cheesy, but I love them. Amy has a new album out this year, I do believe. She is definately a favourite of mine, and if her new one is as good as Honey From The Tombs then it will be in my top 10 this year (unless Emily Haines comes out with 10 solo records). To conclude, here is a video of Stars playing Calendar Girl in Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan.


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