Wait it out, wait it out!

Here is a non music related post that I will loosely link back to the Jeffrey Lewis song Wait It Out, which you can hear on Daytrotter.

I will start at the beginning of my story; the most sensible place to start. During economics I got really thirsty for a nice foamy Coke. After economics my friend and I headed to the coke machine, but it wouldn’t take our money. So we went to the next coke machine, which did take our money. I pressed the button for a Coke, and alas, it gave me a Sprite. I started shaking my fist and shouting ‘WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY’. You see, I do not like Sprite. We tried to exchange it at the university shop but because my university equates to a gigantic black hole of nothingness the guy there just shrugged and basically said it’s not his problem.

We decided to leave the Sprite somewhere for someone else to find. We also thought it would be cool to write a nice wordy letter explaining our situation. I did just that, and wrote an A4 letter with lots of flowery vocabulary and illustrated it with pictures of me getting the Sprite and raising my fists in anger. The letter said that I hoped whoever found the Sprite could have it and I hope they’d enjoy it more than I would. We folded the letter and wrote ‘read me’ on the front and I drew a smiley face version of my triangular headed self and tucked it in the top of the can under the puller.

We decided to leave it somewhere and stake it out to ensure it would be well┬áreceived. We deliberated alot about where to leave it, because (not to sound harsh) but most people at my university probably wouldn’t have ‘got it’, ie. not have thought it interesting or sweet. I know if ┬áI found a hand written letter with pictures and illustrations I would pretty much think it to be the best thing ever.

So after trying various places we left it on the steps by the course office and waited a while. Eventually, two course officers/members of staff (I don’t know who they were) came out and found it. We were watching from afar. They read the letter and started laughing and one of them said they loved it. Awhhhhhh. I like leaving my drawings and stuff for people to find, it was semi-exciting (as exciting as watching a can of Sprite can get, anyway). It was pretty funny to watch them find it, I hope one day I find some random letter tucked away somewhere.

Aaaaaand to relate this back to music, while we were waiting it reminded me of Jeffrey Lewis singing ‘gonna wait it out, wait it out!‘. You can download it for free here.

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