A Guide To: Berlin, courtesy of It’s A Musical

Photo :: Sibilla Calzolari and MorrMusic

Robert Kretzschmar of It’s A Musical gives us a guide to Berlin…

Best music venue: There are alot of nice places to see concerts in Berlin. I mostly prefer to go to a smaller place in Ackerstraße called “Schokoladen”. They have many international musicians as well as really young starting Berlin acts and a well mixed style of music. I can also recommend a newly opened musicclub in Berlin/Kreuzberg called Live@Dot. They have a really nice sound there.

Best record shop: To be honest im probably the wrong person to ask about a favorite record shop. Most of the time I discover new music via myspace or friends. Than I already decided to buy or not and for this reason it is good to have a recordstore called “Freak out” around the corner.

Favourite Berlin bands: I like the new record of The Whitest Boy Alive alot but except from this there was not really a Berlin band in the past months that impressed me alot. I talked about this also with other people in berlin an they thought the same. Maybe I missed something.

Interesting Berlin fact(s):

Its still cheap to live here.

Too much dogshit and broken glass on the streets.

Really small compared to London.

You can manage nearly all ways by bike.

Anything else we need to know about Berlin? Due to the fact that I love to eat, try the breakfast and cake at “sowohl als auch” (Sredskistraße, Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg) and the vegetarian burger at “White Trash Fast Food” (Senefelder Straße, Berlin/Mitte)

The band’s debut album The Music Makes Me Sick is out now and there’s a cute music video for the single which you can see here. They have a few European dates on their Myspace, they’re alot of fun live- go see them!

Photo :: Sibilla Calzolari and MorrMusic

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