A Guide To: Oslo, courtesy of Jæ

Here is a lovely singer. She goes by the name of , she’s a Dutch artist living in Norway. She tells us a bit about Oslo:

Best music venue: There’s nice little places. Like Sound of Mu, a cafe/venue/gallery. There’s also often nice concerts downstairs at Revolver, and for a more experimental evening go to SIC! concerts at Sagene.

Best record shop: Tiger. I’ve been told. I can’t tell you anything more about it unfortunately, I never go there. Since moving to one of the richest countries in the world I can’t afford buying fancy things like records anymore…

Favourite Oslo bands: These are some of my favorite young bands: Sacred Harp, Streifenjunko, Lars Myrvoll, Minn Minn Lights, Moe, Rockettothesky, Petter o Hanna, Splashgirl…

Interesting Oslo fact(s):

- In the parks there are special trashcans for one-time-use-barbeques. In the summers the parks are swamped with grilling people, every day that’s a tad sunny.

- Take the metro for 15 minutes and you’re in mountains and forests. A great Norwegian tradition is to go on outings into nature on weekends and in holidays.

-In the winter people walk around in the centre of Oslo with skis and snowboards in their hands all the time.

- It’s nice and safe here. Norwegian crime rates are not some of the highest around. So why not walk home at night, it’s calm and peaceful.

Anything else we need to know about Oslo?

- Byob, or rather, bring your own booze if you can. To the country. It is way expensive. Actually everything is way expensive, but alcohol wins. Don’t be discouraged by all this, come for the experimental music and for the magnificent nature. It’ll do you good!

- Best coffee is right outside Majorstua-metrostation, a place called ’Valkyrien Kaffe’.

You can hear some of her songs and download a couple of tracks on LastFm. She has lots of May/June dates across the United States, go to her Myspace for more details. Go go go!

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  1. alicetragedy July 25, 2009 at 7:49 am #

    oh. this was cute. it reminds me of ‘home’ *sigh sigh*
    she should have also mentioned that if you enjoy coffee, aka the taste of coffee, aka NORMAL coffee, you should also bring your own, because that is one thing that my heart accepts not: the terrible taste of norwegian coffee.
    I need to make a mental note to check your blog more often, I only do so hectically, ahh I’m a bad person

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