Burrito Tree interview with Whispertown2000

Becca over at Burrito Tree had a chat with Morgan. Read. I’m so excited to see this band. I love them alot and I’m so happy they’re FINALLY paying us a visit over here. This is an unmissable show, so get your tickets! When you love a band for so long and then you finally see them live it’s like an epic journey has been completed, like everything has come full circle.

So, yeah, read the interview, it’s rather ace. They talk about the name changes. I’m still calling them Whispertown2000. Who knew adding a space and a ‘The’ would be so much hassle. Mostly I just call them Whispertown anyway. Whatever they’re called, they’re brilliant. Listen.

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  1. Becca April 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm #

    hahah, I spent about half the interview discussing the name change. I somehow don’t think Morgan takes it as seriously as us last.fm addicts.

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