Cryptacize have been on my radar for a while, I remember they were on a bill with Half-handed Cloud before I moved to London, I think at the Luminaire. But I never properly listened. Anyway, listening now they sound fantastic. They’re also supporting Final Fantasy at Union Chapel and are down to play a Pure groove instore. They have a few more London shows which I might go to, I’ll decide nearer the time. The band are from Oakland, California and have an album out this year on Asthmatic Kitty.

They have a blog and a Daytrotter Session. I haven’t listened to them enough to put out a description of their sound that is worth paying attention to, they’re kind of poppy… instead, here is a list of some of the bands they’ve played shows with: Why?, Shearwater, Marnie Stern, The Blow, Mirah etc etc. Asthmatic Kitty say it better than I do: 

Deceptively simple, using modest means to achieve ambitious ends, never predictable, Cryptacize challenges preconceptions about how a song should go or how rock music should make you feel. But in the end, they always leave you with a tune you can hum and lyrics that tell a story. ”

Here is their Myspace.


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