Don’t Panic

One good thing about this blog is that I’ve ended up meeting a ton of sweet folks at shows who say they’ve read my blog. It warms my heart that people actually want to read my music related ramblings and I do very much enjoy meeting new people who have enthusiasm for music.

On Tuesday I got to meet Paula who came along to both Wildbirds & Peacedrums shows. People who go to shows in the UK will probably know Don’t Panic, you can pick up copies at alot of gigs. They run this competititon where you design a poster to be printed and distributed with the publication. Paula is an artist and has an entry for the current theme – ‘Home’. You can have a look at the entries and vote here. You can scroll down and select the name¬†PaulaSimoes from the drop down box to see Paula’s entry. Vote vote vote! You have to register first but it only takes about 30 seconds.

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