Funeral Of The Heart

Today I went up to Hamstead Heath and sat on the hill overlooking the whole of London. It was pretty windy but quite peaceful. I read Leah’s whole book, Funeral of the Heart; I couldn’t stop reading. It’s a beautiful, engrossing book. It’s also really quite sad, but that wasn’t that much of a surprise. You can get it from Fantagraphics and some other places, it’s 120 pages and has 5 stories in it. The illustrations are beautiful and done on scratchboard and the stories are handwritten by Leah.

My favourite story is called The Change. It’s about this man called Jeremy who works as a waiter in this restaurant where the chefs kills ducks fresh and serve them to the customers. Jeremy’s girlfriend’s throat swells up and it looks like she’s going to die. Then his whole life and character changes. It’s a good story, you should get the book and read it.

You can preview the book here. You can see her blog with some of her drawings here. Scary Mansion is here.

Amazing. If you’re in London and want to borrow the book let me know, it doesn’t take that long to read. I can’t write enough good things about Leah Hayes, listen to Scary Mansion and A Magical Touch of Class and read her book. I hope you get to like her as much as I do.

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