Late night walkies

I love late night city walkies! Though, I have kind of exhausted the routes of the area I live in. Tonight around half 11, while I was in the middle of my Tom Brosseau review, the fire alarm went off. Last time this happened they kept us out in the cold for atleast 45 minutes while they put out the imaginary fire. I also got told off for taking 10 minutes to come out the building (what do you want me to do? stop cooking my baked potato? I don’t think so, mister).

This time I ejected my ipod and went on a little circular walk for 20 minutes. I contemplated walking down to the river, but it takes 20 minutes to walk there and I knew once I got there I would end up sitting down for probably an hour or so, because I just can’t resist the quiet scene and being able to listen to my music. So, I deliberately didn’t do that tonight as I would have got back late and I have lots of work to do tomorrow. I listened to these songs in this order and it was lovely:

Tom Brosseau-Been True, Alessi’s Ark- Witch, Andrew Bird- The Privateers, The Antlers- Sylvia (An Introduction), Ben and Bruno- New Friend Song and finally Cat Power- At The Dark End of The Street.

If you don’t know any of those songs I suggest pursuing them, because they are all beautiful.

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