New Scary Mansion

Can’t come soon enough. All the new songs are brilliant. I want it now. I think I have already posted just about every Scary Mansion video on Youtube. Youtube-fail. Right now, if I could have any band relocate to London, I’d pick Scary Mansion. Oh hang on, what about Wildbirds & Peacedrums? Oops. Anyway, I’d still pick Scary Mansion, because Wildbirds come here alot anyway. Plus, I miss Scary Mansion and I’ve only seen them once. They’re the type of band I’d be quite happy to watch over and over again.

There’s a video of Over The Weekend on Vanessa’s Myspace. You should also listen to her own songs too because they are also awesome. I’m thinking about going to buy some food and then going to a park to read Leah’s book and figure out a life plan. But these ‘I’m going to the park to figure out a life plan’ trips always ends up with me going to the park, listening to some really great music, and not figuring out a life plan. Hey ho.

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