Photos: Handsome Furs at 93 Feet East

That was fun! Lighting wise it was a NIGHTMARE, but I really want to go to bed so I will write about that later. See how I am branching out from Wildbirds? Today at work while browsing blogs I found quite a few cool non-W&P things to post about (and a few W&P related things too). I only listened to The Snake once today (as oppose to about 8 times a day) and actually listened to some other things too. But I’m actually really super sad I don’t have anymore Wildbirds on my calendar, booohoooooo. I even saw them in the Metro (newspaper) today! I opened it up and Mariam and Andreas’ faces were glaring at me as one of the ‘picks’. Awwh. I miss them already. Anyway, this post started out about Handsome Furs and ended with Wildbirds & Peacedrums… so much for branching out. Anyhoo… 

Here are my terrible shots because of the gross light, terrible terrible terrible blehhhhhh:

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