Record Store Day

What a beautiful day! I have a map all drawn out of how to find Rough Trade West and it’s like a treasure hunt map. Kind of. Anyway, I am excited! Mostly to see Alessi play at Rough Trade West, but a whole day of music is always a good thing. I was at Rough Trade East yesterday, I saw Whitest Boy Alive from Berlin. The shop was pretty busy despite the rainy weather. I actually enjoyed the rainy weather, apart from I have this puddle-stepping issue whereby all giant puddles seem to have some sort of gravitational pull that pulls me into them, even though I try to avoid them, resistance was futile. My feet were soaked. Anyway, here’s a photo and I will be off soon.

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  1. Olha April 18, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    thanks for your comment on my Papercuts pic. Its cool you went to see Erlend _ I got discouraged by rain and the line outside. Yeah, today should be super good day for catching more live instore gigs, have fun!

  2. alicetragedy April 18, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    oh you are so lucky. sometimes I wish I lived in London. but then again probably then I would be broke… and spending my days going to gigs instead of doing something productive like, oh, going to uni or to work. Anyway at least I can be proud to say that I used to see Erlend around town a lot. and at after parties. he is really quite cute in a funny way. Seeing him dance is the best thing ever.

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