Review: Alessi at The Troubadour

I think Alessi just became my most seen singer, 5 times. I’ve seen quite a few 4 times, but do not recall seeing anyone 5 times. 

So after traversing West over to Earls Court Bobbles and I went to Nandos. Because I have not much money left he gave me his free chicken. Nom. Nom. Nom. West London is pretty fancy and posh, makes a change from Shoreditch! We tried to find the venue, we managed to walk in a giant circle and end up back where we started but on the other side of the station. What a fail. Eventually we found the venue, Alessi was sitting by the window and waved and came out and helped us find the entrance to the venue. 

We went in and got seats right at the front of the stage. The first act, Betty Steeles, was playing. She was pleasant, as was the next act, The Sleeping Years. The venue was a weird curve shape, with two sides of the room and us in the middle. Bobbles put the usual questions to me, including what 5 bands would I pick to see at Union Chapel. I came up wit Frida, Wildbirds, Bodies of Water, Beach House… and couldn’t pick a fifth. 

So far things had been nice but not very exciting. Then it was Josh Weller. He was exciting. He did alot of foot stomping during his songs and sang with energy, not to mention that his hair was about 8723831903021 meters high. His songs had a bouncy, Monkey Island grog shop kind of feel to them. They were fun and for the last song he divided the room in two and actually got people to sing along. It was fun and I really enjoyed his set.

Alessi’s Ark

Next it was Alessi, without the Ark and just solo. I’m not sure if I prefer her solo or with band. Last time I saw her with her band I really loved it but I think there’s definately something really special and lovely about the simplicity of her playing alone. During Josh Weller we noticed the chatter and realized it would probably be the same for Alessi. It was, alot of people around the edges nattering away. Shhhhhhhhhhh, fools! You are missing something beautiful! It was a very lovely but brief set. I love her songs and the way she performs them. The Dog is one of my favourites, she did it at her bandstand busk, which you can see here.

So, basically, there’s a reason I keep going to see Alessi play and that’s because she’s amazing. I really recommend going to see her play, she does lots of London shows visit her Myspace for details. She’s got a few festival dates, including one in Sellinge. Sellinge is a village near my hometown, Ashford. I tried to get a photopass just so I could go see Alessi (and Emmy the next day!) but they said they aren’t giving press places outside of their sponsors. Booooo.  After the show Alessi beckoned us to come with her and she wrote me a list of bands she saw at SXSW that I should listen to. She also saw (my super favourites) Wildbirds & Peacedrums there, and Whispertown too.

It was lovely to see her play again and I can’t wait until the next show. I also wanted to go to Soap&Skin at Bush Hall that night, and I hear it was good, but I’m most glad I went to see Alessi. 

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