Review: Alessi’s Ark at the ICA

Are you bored of reading my gushing reviews of Alessi’s shows yet? This was the 10th time I’ve seen her. I’d quite happily watch her play set after set. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

I got to the ICA early. The first time I’ve ever been there in daylight. I never noticed that there was a park opposite! I got my ticket then went and sat in the park and listened to My Heart and some Tom Brosseau, then back to the ICA. Because nobody wanted to come to this with me (boooo) I went and became BFF with the security guard. Some Action Aid lady came up to me and explained about how the event was for charity and all about the six degrees of separation thing, and gave me a clipboard with some A3 paper on it and asked if I’d write a message using some of their key words. I asked if I could draw a picture and she said OK. So I drew myself with my triangle head pumping my fist and saying something cheesy like ‘stand together for change’ and then, there was still space, so I drew a unicorn and a cat. I gave it back to the lady and she just stared at me confused and said thanks and walked away. Oh dear.

While I was standing by the door Alessi came and gave me a shiny new copy of her new album, they were sent the first five this morning. She gave me the first copy which makes me feel very honored. I stood with my newly acquired BFF until he let me in and I went and found my spot at the front on the left. It wasn’t long at all before Alessi and the band took to the stage. The sound was spot on, the sound guy did a great job. The light guy could have been a little kinder (the ICA is capable of AMAZING lights) but they were OK, so I’m not really complaining. It’s not like I don’t have enough shots of Alessi, anyway. I saw her in the ICA almost 2 months ago. What lovely symmetry! Alessi dedicated The Dog to me which made me squee. Asteroids Collide is one of my favourites that they’ve been playing live lately, it’s epic and very beautiful. You can watch a video of it here. I loved the band’s set and they are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands around right now. Alessi is so sweet and talented and I can only say that she is more than amazing and you have to go see her play.

Then it was thecocknbullkid. For the first song the light was all strobey and not very friendly to me. I stayed for the next song and it was better. I stayed for the third song and then completely lost all interest and decided to make an exit. She wasn’t bad, just really poppy and not my thing. On the way out I saw Alessi’s mum and dad and had a chat with them, then Alessi came by. They apparently saw some man/woman about which I found intriguing. I think Princess Superstar is a real lady, right? I don’t know. I wanted to hear her play but she was just DJ-ing. Boooooooo. I didn’t want to stick around for Micachu so I left at about 9.15. I guess the good thing about having your favourite band play first is that you get to get home early. Woo.

To conclude: Alessi is amazing and I can’t wait to see her again. I can’t write enough good things about her, so, instead, here is her Myspace. She’s going on tour, go see her (!!!!).

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