Review: Dent May at the Betsey Trotwood

The Betsey Trotwood is a little pub in Farringdon. I saw Jeffrey Lewis downstairs some weeks ago, and the room was like a little matchbox and we were matches. Tiny, in other words. Luckily the show tonight was upstairs, which is a bit bigger and more breathable. 

We went in and they hand stamped us with Totoro stamps, which makes it the coolest handstamp I’ve had. I get alot, ALOT (!) of handstamps. Smiley faces, butterflies… but never a Totoro! This made me most pleased. At the Luminaire once they had one that said ‘loved’ which I thought was sweet. I like the fishing rod boy they have at Brixton Windmill. The Troubadour one yesterday was terrible, it was really inky, so inky it just turned out to be a rectangular blob that was a nightmare to get off. I should do a hanstamp guide to London music venues. 

We sat down and chatted about various musical things. Adam and I argued more about Jaymay and Regina. He doesn’t like the trumpet thing Jaymay does. I think it’s AWESOME. We also chatted about my comix and CSG. Then, who should appear like a bullet out of nowhere? CSG himself. At one point he came and stood by us and Brooke tried to speak to him again but it was a bit of a fail. Nevermind. We ended up sitting there for ages as it turned out that there was no support band. I guess no support band is better than a rubbish one, but still… would have been nice to get someone in to support.

Dent May took to the stage with his magnificent ukulele and friend Bobby. I have to say I haven’t really listened to him much apart from the ridiculously lovable You Can’t Force A Dance Party, but all his songs are really poppy and easy to get into. His friend Bobby was a rather excellent part of the set, banging his tambo on his tummy and doing crazy high end vocals. It was a brief set, I loose track of time (I never have it to begin with) but Adam says he played around 40 minutes. I stole his setlist, so here it is:

Oh Paris!, Howard, 26 Miles, You Can’t Force A Dance Party, God Loves You Michael Chang, College Town Boy, I’m An Alcoholic, When You Were Mine, Love Song 2009 and Meet Me In The Garden. He did an encore but it’s not on the setlist and I don’t know it.

I couldn’t put my finger on who did the original When You Were Mine. Youtube informs me the version I was thinking of was Cyndi Lauper’s. I still can’t get into her album. Goonies R Good Enough just blows all of her other songs away! Anyway, Dent May was really fun. His songs all have an old Buddy Holly/Everly Brothers kind of feel and are great live. I really enjoyed his set and would like to see him again. Turns out I can, for free! April 13th he has an instore at Duke of Uke on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane. Click here for more details. It’s Easter Monday and they have a few bands playing from 4pm. Sounds splendid. 

Dent May is fun and I think anyone can enjoy his live show. Here is his Myspace with songs and tour dates.

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