Review: Handsome Furs at 93 Feet East

The second husband and wife duo in as many days. I enjoyed this show alot.

First I headed to the venue and it was a bit deserted. I don’t like to write negative things, but 93 Feet East is not my favourite venue in the slightest. The toilets are GRIM. Disgustingly so. They started late and the lights were dire. This is a surefire way to destroy any chance of being held in any high regard with me.

So I went for a wander as I had a hankering for a cheese toastie. I got a croque monsieur, same thing. I wandered back to Brick Lane and met up with Fiona and Adam and their friends who love Arcade Fire just a little. We headed to the venue and got a spot at the front. The lights were blinding. I’m not being overdramatic. If you were to look at the whitish light for longer than 5 seconds it would cause your corneas to explode into a thousand pieces. I thought they would turn them down once the bands started but no, they didn’t! Perhaps a redeeming factor in my dislike of the venue is that they were playing Skeletal Lamping. It actually made me really miss of Montreal… I might even listen to Skeletal Lamping today.

So taking photos of Dan Smith impossible. He was at the back of the stage, with the bright lights flaring all around him, no front lights, I couldn’t see his face… let alone get any pictures. I really enjoyed Dan’s poppy set, the looping was alot of fun. I can imagine if he gets the right label and PR team he could be huge. He played a 10 song set and I enjoyed it. Adam, on the other hand, vehemently hated him and it instilled some deep sense of fury in angry young Adam. 

Next up, Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, Handsome Furs. All the way from Canada. They seemed so happy to be playing, especially Alexei who smiled practically the whole way through their set. Adam informed me that this was their first London show. Dan was flailing around and spitting, Alexei constantly grinning like a cheshire cat and bouncing up and down barefoot… it was AWESOME! It’s nice to mix things up, quiet shows are fun but loud ones are great too. It’s a shame the lights were so frustrating, they’re a photogenic pair and I probably could have got some tasty shots somewhere else. They played for about 45 minutes but it didn’t feel that long. Some fans were really into it, including some girls who rammed their way to the front and went crazy. It was brilliant. Although, I do get kind of edgy when people are going so psycho by me (JELLY MAN) when I have all my camera gear on me. I’m Confused is one of my favourite songs of the year, just because the guitar is so killer and it’s actually a really catchy song. Live it was fun, the guitar could have been louder though. Alexei does really extravagant gestures while she plays, bending to the floor and stretching her arms around. She reminded me of Kianna from Tilly. At the end of the set she collapsed on the floor and Dan toppled on top of her.

I love bands that play with passion and energy and Handsome Furs are most certainly one of those bands.

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