Review: HEALTH at Pure Groove

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday  evening I saw the somewhat more mature Marianne Faithful at Rough Trade, today I saw psycho Californians HEALTH at Pure Groove. 

HEALTH were the special guests which, for some reason, Pure Groove kept secret until yesterday. The shop wasn’t that busy. They took a while setting up, then the singer came up to the mic and said ‘yeah, we’re ready‘ in a calm, nonchalant way. Him and his bandmates then proceeded to scream their lungs out into their mics. The y were jumping about and had a drum off of the stage in the front of the crowd, which they took pleasure in hitting. At one point the bassist came and jumped around down in front of the stage. I was a bit worried I would get by one of his giant flailing limbs (he was really tall!). It was interesting. Not really my thing musically but I could appreciate the awesome drums and it was fun to see them get really into it. My eardrums are a bit hurty now though…

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