Review: Ill Fit at Scala

Time for a super speedy 1am review as I’ll be at work tomorrow and should hopefully be catching Marianne Faithful at Rough Trade after, and I don’t like to let reviews build up.

So after an unproductive day I trotted up Kings Cross way to Scala. Outside the venue there were 2 queues, 1 for ticket holders and 1 for guestlist. I asked the security guy which queue was for me, as I had a ticket and a photopass, and he seemed confused and he said neither queue was for me (?) and to just go to him when doors open. I did that and we went in fine and headed front left. 

The Leisure Society were first. They opened with my favourite of their songs, Love’s Enormous Wings. They played a beautiful set as ever, I very much enjoy their live show an I would strongly recommend catching them live. Nick has a really charming voice, and the strings and flute are wonderful. Christian’s stage banter is made of win, too. They did a rather lovely Bandstand Busking session at the start of the year, more than worth watching.

Next up, Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde’s collaboration with Stephanie Dosen. They played under the name Snowbird, and it was their first ever show. Stephanie seemed a little nervous, fiddling with her fingers and pulling at her tights, but her nerves didn’t affect her performance at all… her voice is absolutely beautiful. On top of that, the lights were really nice and bright! It makes shooting soooo much easier.

In the change over, Rich, show organizer and The Line of Best Fit extraordinaire, played some tunes as the DJ. He did My Girls. Pretty good, pretty good… then, POW! He played Wildbirds & Peacedrums- Today/Tomorrow. Favourite DJ EVER.

The lights for Loney Dear were not so helpful and lovely, but were pretty epic and suited to the music. Emil started off with I Was Only Going Out. Loney Dear sound pretty massive as a full band. Emil always does sweet, awkward, in between song chat that is very endearing. Plus I love Swedish accents. The Meter Marks OK was my favourite, as usual. The sing along is just so wonderful, it gives me chills every time. The set was brilliant and if you haven’t seen Loney Dear yet then you really should. Emil has a new record out, Dear John, released earlier this year. Tour dates, songs and more info on his Myspace.

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  1. Taragh April 24, 2009 at 2:22 pm #

    Wow you go to so many gigs. I walked up to say hi to Nick from the Leisure Society and he said “You’re Anika aren’t you?”. I said no, but added that I knew exactly who he was talking about – you! Great blog. Best wishes. Taragh

    • anikainlondon April 24, 2009 at 11:05 pm #

      awwh, thanks for stopping by! If you ever see me you should come say hi, I’m usually at the front to the left with my camera ready to go!

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