Review: Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard at Scala

Sixth and best time I’ve seen Jeffrey & co. Don’t Move were the first act. Not really my thing, but wow, the lighting guy was giving us some nice lighting. Then it was Johnny Flynn, I’ve seen him before and wasn’t that into it, but I actually liked his set tonight. He played with a full band and it was very enjoyable. He’s nice to shoot too, especially in such looooovely light (I can’t stress enough how nice the light was).

Finally it was time for Jeffrey. He was joined by Jack, Drummer Dave and Fletcher. It was a pretty rockin’ set. I wondered about how the venue would suit them, but it actually worked brilliantly. Jeffrey’s shows always make me really happy. Jeffrey and Jack are hard to stop watching when they do their back and forth vocals, and it’s cute how Dave smiles through just about the whole set. Fletcher is a great addition to the band, I especially love the harmonium part she did before The Last Time I Did Acid… that she also did at Union Chapel. For the low budget music videos Jeffrey did Communism Part 5: Korea and Champion Jim, which I especially loved because I hadn’t seen it before. One of the set highlights was when he was explaining a falsity in the song To Be Objectified, because in the song he says he doesn’t have a mobile phone, but as of 3 weeks ago: he does. So he thought it would be a good idea to read out his mobile number to see what would happen if 800 people simultaneously call his phone. He wondered if it would explode or something. He read the number out and we all called it, one person got through and he answered it. It was very sweet and funny. A mere minute or so later he had 7 texts and┬árealized┬áthat it probably wasn’t a good idea to give out his number.

The band played a lovely long set and they also did Back When I Was Four because someone threw a piece of paper onto the stage requesting it. If you are yet to experience Jeffrey live then you are missing out hugely, go go go!

After the set I told him Leah from Scary Mansion says hi, which he appreciated. I can’t remember if I wrote about it, but when I saw him on Tuesday I told him I was going to Paris to see Scary Mansion. He told me to tell Leah that he says hi. I did, and Leah told me to tell him she says hi. See… Jeffrey is right, we don’t need mobile phones!

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