Review: Jeffrey Lewis at Pure Groove

Today I got to see Jeffrey Lewis play an instore at Pure Groove. It was amazing, tied favourite instore of the year.

For this particular instore, I invited along two of my non-music-related friends from university. They came along with me and I was pretty excited to give them a glimpse into the world I know so well. For one of them it was her first show ever. Amazing! And what a brilliant introduction to live music, courtesy of Jeffrey Lewis.

Jeffrey played a short set including my favourite from the new record, Bugs and Flowers. He also gave us the history of folk punk in New York, in limerick form. He joked how about all his songs are in the key of G and sound the same, and how 3 of them have whistling. He mentioned about how when you normally play instores in music shops you promote the new album, but he was confused that he was playing in a coffee shop, and said he should perhaps promote food instead. His food of choice: rhubarb. Apparently rhubarb is rare in America (?). He seemed intrigued by the idea of rhubarb crumble. He told us he had just woken up and did the usual endearing long winded introductions to each of his songs. It was a wonderful lunchtime and it was nice to sit back in a chair and watch him perform. My friends from university loved him too, which really made me feel very pleased.

After his show we had a little chat and he was lovely as ever. I told him I’m going to Paris tomorrow to see Scary Mansion and he was really interested. I told him I might not be able to make the Thursday show and he said not to worry, he’ll be back soon. I believe him, he’s always over here! We also talked about Bonnie Prince Billy and how Pure Groove has transformed into a coffee shop. Super talented musician and artist and a genuinely lovely person. I think I say that whenever I review any of his shows, but it’s completely true. This was the fifth time I’ve seen him, and I can’t wait to see him again.

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