Review: Marianne Faithful at Rough Trade

So it’s gotten to the point where it’s not a real day if I don’t see atleast one band. I don’t really know much about Marianne Faithful, but I read some press and I got the impression that she’s a bit of a legend and more than worth trying to see (especially for free!). 

I left work early but ended up going in search of cheap food and failed to get anything. I got to the venue and there was already a massive queue, despite it being more than an hour and a half before the scheduled opening time. Luckily, Bobbles was at the front. They don’t call him the queue starter for nothin’. We got our wristbands and waited for an age. I was quite hungry and people kept pushing past me. I felt a bit tired and impatient and began to get restless. This was the biggest instore I’d ever been to, the former biggest being of Montreal. Today a whole chunk of the queue was turned away. There was a massive press list and about a trillion photographers.

The press photogs were let in first, so when we got in I couldn’t see anything. BOOO. I went and stood at the side by the speaker as it was less claustrophobic. Finally Marianne came on to a massive cheer from the fans. She was very majestic and it was all very sophisticated. She opened with Hold On, Hold On (this is the point where the review becomes mostly about Neko Case). I was surprised! ‘Ohmygoodness this is my favourite Neko song!’ kind of surprised. I got pretty excited and sang along with my favourite part ‘I leave the party at 3am, alone-thank God!‘. It was pretty awesome. When the song ended I got all confused and began to doubt Neko. I always thought that Neko wrote that song, but Marianne is older than Neko and for some reason I began to think that Neko must have covered it. It was confusing to me. I went through so many emotions! I felt disappointed that it wasn’t a Neko song, and also confused that I never knew it was a cover. As soon as I got home I got on the internetz and checked. Turns out Marianne covered Neko! Yay! I knew it wasn’t a cover, really. Anyway, it was pretty exciting for me that she played that song and I enjoyed it alot. Research also tells me that on the studio version Marianne has backing from Chan Marshall. This equates to pure brilliance and I now need to hear this. I also heard Marianne say she was going to play Crane Wife and I thought ‘hmm, like Decemberists‘. I’m only a casual Decemberists fan and don’t know their stuff well enough, but research tells me she also covered them on her album. The accordion they had looked like it was worth many a pound, all white and gold. It was beautiful.

All in all, it was a good instore. I listened to Fox Confessor on the walk back! Oh yeah, on the way out I spotted Patrick Wolf, Bobbles’ BFF. We said hai and then trotted on our way. He’s so tall!

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2 Responses to Review: Marianne Faithful at Rough Trade

  1. zane April 15, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    Most of her music consists of cover songs done her way. I think the new album is supposed to be almost exclusively new or recent songs.

    This is an example of some of her older work…

  2. Alicia M. April 17, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    Fact: Chan Marshall has a picture with Marianne Faithful posted on her myspace..

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