Review: Slow Club and Theoretical Girl bandstand busking

I remember the first busk I went to. It was at the end of November and it was freezing and my shoes were wet, and I was the only one there (besides the buskers and the bandstand busking folk). A few months down the line, it’s sunny and beautiful and there must have been a hundred or more people there. It’s really amazing and exciting. Lots of lovely people and friends were there too, which made it even nicer.

Conveniently, Northampton Square is 7 minutes walk away, so I was able to leave just before 1. I got there and there were people sitting around on the grass. I love spring! It’s by far my favourite of the seasons. 

I really like Slow Club alot. This was the third time I’ve seen them. We all crammed in the bandstand and most people were spilled out around the sides. Before I went I was really hoping they’d play It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Beautiful. They did! I was most pleased. They played Because We’re Dead, When I Go, It Doesn’t Always Have To Beautiful, Christmas TV and Trophy Room. I love all those songs so I was very happy. Rebecca seemed a bit nervous but in a sweet way. Charles said they have a new record out in July and that Trophy Room might be a single from it. It was a very lovely showcase of songs and I am excited to see them again, hopefully sometime soon.

Next it was Theoretical Girl. She did 3 songs. I don’t know her songs but I liked The Boy I Left Behind. She was joined by a couple of friends on strings. It was enjoyable.

After the busk I got to speak to a variety of nice folk including Lynn who runs the tasty website For Folk’s Sake. I’m pretty good at steering the conversation into Wildbirds & Peacedrums territory… I think I spoke about them to just about everyone I spoke with. And now I’m writing about them when they have nothing to do with this busk. They have really good gravitational powers that pull all my attention to them… resistance has been futile. So after the busk we headed down to Farringdon Wetherspoons for some food. It was a very lovely day… and it’s now 6pm and I have done no work. Oh well.

The videos will be online in a few weeks. Visit Bandstand Busking. Don’t forget to buy The Observer today and read about the Wildbirds busk and see my photo. Yip! I have more shots from the busk which I will sort later but now I really need to do some maths. It was nice meeting up with so many nice folks, I can’t wait for the next busk.

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