Sellindge Music Festival

It’s near my hometown, Ashford. Fail-town. Anyway, here is something interesting, or uniteresting, as the case may be. I had a really vivid dream last night. Vivid dreams are fun. I was at a music venue with Bobbles and it was round, kind of like the Globe theatre (not that I’ve ever been in there). We were watching a really, really awful band and we were doing that thing where we use his phone to write messages about how we’d rather be having a snack box or pointing out features of the singer (like whether they look like a mole or Billy Corgan or something). Then, the awful band covered Emmy the Great’s 24 and Bobbles I were confused, and then everyone in the audience started singing along. Then it all shifted and I was driving by the river I walked by in Paris. I always have these dreams where I’m trying to drive, and it’s weird because I don’t know how to drive, so it’s always really hectic. Yep.

Anyway, I got a ticket to see Emmy and Alessi at Sellindge Music Festival. Back to back. My two favourites. This, therefore justifies the ticket price in my mind. Plus, my London lease runs out then so I will be back in Trashford for a while until I can find a new room in London.

Here is a nice high quality video of Emmy doing a few songs: her awesome Skeeter Davis cover, End of the World, We Almost Had A Baby (in a carpark), and First Love. Imagine how sucky it would be to have a baby in a carpark. Eww. Anyway, all three are excellent. 

I think it’ll probably be the 5th time I’ve seen Emmy and the 874373479090349034 time I’ve seen Alessi.

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