Sorry We Took All Your Money on the Radio

I am like my own walking advertisement for these bands I love. People will ask me how I am and I will usually reply ‘fine’ and then proceed to tell them about  the music I am digging, without them even asking, like it’s connected to my well being or something. Anyway, look:

They got the name a little wrong, Sorry We Took All Your Money, but whatever. They played Scary Mansion on the radio. Also, I don’t like to be referred to as one of Steve’s Stringers. I’m no stringer, maaan. They called me. They make it seem like the ‘stringers’ called them, but this is a falsity. They called us. I don’t call anyone, I hate speaking on the phone. The guy after me tips Peggy Sue, and mentions Alessi. That’s nice. The guy before me tips The Enemy (hahahaha). Anyway, listen here. I’m like 30 minutes in. I hate the sound of my own voice. Listen to Leah’s, it’s nicer.

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