Wildbirds & Peacedrums in Paris

Two really high quality videos of Wildbirds playing in Paris. The title of the post almost makes me think I am going to see them in Paris. I would if I had the money, they’re playing the day before I go there for Scary Mansion! But I happen to be seeing St Vincent that day, so I’m not complaining. I am most pleased with all the people telling me they’re excited about seeing W&P/they’ve listened to W&P/they’re going to see W&P because of all of my raving about them. Mission accomplished! It warms my heart. I think everyone should love Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

There Is No Light¬†Look at Andreas’ drumming! Wonderful! I love how playful Mariam is when she sings, adding parts here and there. I love it.

Doubt/Hope I love that clapping part. I love every part of the whole song, in fact.


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