Wildbirds & Peacedrums TOMORROW

I really have to calm down. I haven’t got this excited about anything for a long time. It’s like the day before you go on holiday, or like Christmas when you’re 10. Literally. I’m SO excited. How lucky we were to experience the raw power of Mariam and Andreas playing unplugged in Arnold Circus Bandstand. That part where Mariam starts laying into the steel drum at the end of My Heart…IT’S SO GOOD. Wildbirds have had 701 plays in my lastfm library this past week. They only have 2 albums. That’s alot of plays per album. Plus, it doesn’t count repeat plays while I’m out an about, so it’s more than that really… because I listened to them literally non stop on Wednesday and was out all day so didn’t update my ipod. Yep. I’ll try to mix things up next week. There are lots of other albums I want to listen to but I can’t tear myself away from Wildbirds. 


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