Wildbirds & Peacedrums videos

I have literally not shut up about Wildbirds & Peacedrums since Wednesday. I’ve told several people about these videos but nobody has known what I’m talking about so here they are:


Ohhhhh I love this song so much. The clapping part is wonderful. I love Mariam’s voice, how she can do that low drone thing then suddenly POW it’s all high and wow wow wow. The whole may-aaaaybe ba-ayyyybeee part just kills me. Amazing.  See how my English fails me when I try to put into words my love for Wildbirds. Be grateful I am not typing in shouty caps and adding exclamation marks everywhere (!!!). 

The Window

…a lonely girrrl, orrrr a Wi-iiii-iiildbird. Love. Love. Love.

Here is an interview too. The interviewer asks boring obligatory questions like ‘where did you get your name?’ and ‘what genre would you put yourself under?’. I think Wildbirds & Peacedrums are truly unclassifiable genre wise. You can’t box them into a genre. There’s nothing like them. In my interview Mariam said ‘peace and fire, love and desire‘. I think that phrase sums up the sentiment of their music. It’s so passionate and intense. I can’t wait for it to be 1pm on Tuesday so I can see them again.

One song I am really addicted to is The Ones That Should Save Me Get Me Down. I can’t stop listening on repeat just so I can get to the end and listen to the sweet sweet a’cappella part. Wildbirds have really hijacked my eardrums this week.


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