Alessi’s Ark tomorrow

Ah, Alessi’s Ark. A band I hardly ever blog about and hardly ever go to see. LIES! Well, quite. Anyway, Alessi is doing a show at Luminaire tomorrow, she’s playing by herself without the Ark. Please go along and channel my spirit and give extra big claps on my behalf.

Also, I find it quite astounding that she is poised to take over Rilo Kiley in the world of LastFm formula one chart racing. She’s got 914 plays, they have 1,002. Soon, soon. What can I say? Notes From The Treehouse is a brilliant record that I recommend to practically all that I meet.

But I’ll be at Cryptacize tomorrow. I’ve fallen in love with that band just a bit. Final Fantasy is headlining and it’s at Union Chapel. This is a good combo.


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