Alessi/Yann/Bishop Allen comix

Here are some comics. I have an epic backlog of comics to complete. 

This one is about Thursday. With the exception of Alessi it was a pretty miserable day. Hahha, sorry. ¬†Actually, I got some OJ that day… so I suppose it wasn’t all that bad.


This one is about Bishop Allen, which was last Thursday. 


But yeah, I’m really behind so I’ll try and get some more finished soon. I’m really keen to finish the book, I’m over half way (!). Comics seemingly take longer to draw these days, I am too easily distracted. I have 22ish pages left, 44 sides. That’s probably atleast 50 hours worth of drawing. Most likely longer because I am slow and failworthy of late. There are probably 85 hours worth of drawing in there now. Phew! I’m tired just thinking about it.


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