Beach House at Union Chapel

This show is months away but I really can’t wait. I seriously love this band a huge amount and I think I could possibly over-swoon myself to death just thinking about how gorgeous their songs will sound in the wondrous acoustics of Union Chapel. If you are uhming and ahhhing about whether to get a ticket: JUST GET ONE! It will be amazing, I promise you. Seriously, I am doing internal somersaults at the thought of Apple Orchard/Astronaut/Heart Of Chambers/Gila… or my favourite D.A.R.L.I.N.G,  or in fact anything at all, in that setting. Beach House are dreamy to begin with, but they’ll send us into some sort of heavenly slide-guitar-populated coma at Union Chapel.

OK, enough of my OTT gushing, just listen:

Ugh, I love that moment they burst out into the light. I love everything this band have done and I’m sure they’ll go on to do more amazing things.


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