Oh! I’ve been so busy with comics lately. I’ve drawn out lots of skeletons (the boxes and text) but haven’t had time to flesh them out yet. I’m going to get on that now. Lots of people keep asking me if I draw them in pencil first, I don’t. That would take too long. I mostly don’t make mistakes, although I have a few times, and I’m sure the book is littered with spelling and grammar errors. 

I reckon I should be able to complete the book in between 3-6 months time. The book so far has 33 pages/66 sides worth of comics in. I’ve probably mentioned or referenced dozens and dozens of bands and drawn hundreds of triangle heads. Each side takes atleast an hour to draw (unless I’m being speedy!) but I tend to get distracted while I’m drawing, so it’ll often take longer. I have about 27 pages to go. When I’m done I’d quite like to have it published, because it would be pretty nifty to have something published. If anyone knows about how I would go about doing that maybe you could email me. I’m pretty excited to have it completed,  the sense of achievement would most certainly warrant some sort of celebratory Nandos, or something.

Anyway, my Scary Mansion comic is on TLOBF. Yay for Scary Mansion.

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