Cursive show at Dingwalls

Cursive have a show at Dingwalls next Tuesday. It’s going to be fun. 

Here is an anecdote, should you feel inclined to reading an anecdote right now: I first saw Curisve just over 2 years ago, back when I used to go to alot less gigs. My friend was 17 (alas, I was still 16) and she could drive (!!!) so, because trains from my hometown are failworthy and the last train home from Brighton is at 10 (or something ridiculously early), we drove to Hastings and got the train from there. We went because she liked the headliners, Forward Russia, and I liked Cursive. And we wanted to get matching !F,R! tshirts. Fun times.

Also, look at that pre-dslr photo I took. Hopefully I’ll do better this time round (!).


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