Ema and the Ghosts

In my attempt to avoid the boring things I have to do I went for a wander in the sun. It was nice, I strolled about and found an extortionate ice cream vendor down by St Paul’s. Then on my way back I walked past the Museum of London and thought I may as well stop in for a while. I had a look at all the cool ancient things. Here is an interesting fact: when the stocking frame, a type of loom, was invented Queen Elizabeth banned it to protect the livelihood of the weavers/knitters. Isn’t that nice? The inventor moved to France and sold them there. Eventually after he died they were allowed over here. Tudor history = interesting stuff.

Anyway, on a more music-related note, I let Ema and the Ghosts be my soundtrack to the museum. She’s so brilliant, someone needs to get her over here to play some shows. SEE:



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